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Reason #248 I'm glad the internet wasn't around when I was a young'n [08 Dec 2008|10:05pm]
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I never wanted a turtle [27 Oct 2008|10:27pm]
...until now:

(from Cute Overload, natch)
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Kandidate Kippah [20 Oct 2008|11:37pm]
Wonder which of these is the bigger seller?

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A perfect Pittsburgh kind of night [05 Oct 2008|12:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Massive fireworks display last night for the city's 250th birthday. 17 launch points including barges, bridges, and building rooftops. We watched from the Southside slopes, a sweeping view from the West End bridge to Oakland. Gorgeous weather, crisp air, a keg of Yuengling and a big group of drunken nerds and burners singing "Happy Birthday" during the finale.

I <heart> this town sometimes.



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What Yinz Shouldn't Wear [22 Sep 2008|11:59am]
[ mood | giddy ]

My latest project: YinzerMakeover.com

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And you think your family is odd... [16 Sep 2008|01:24pm]
I just got email from my mom. She found a picture of her high-school sweetheart mowing his front lawn on Google Earth.
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Signs that you're getting old [27 Jul 2008|12:59pm]
[ mood | owie ]

1. You hurt your foot dancing.
2. You hurt your foot dancing at a goth club.
3. You hurt your foot dancing at a goth club on 80s night.
4. You hurt your foot dancing at a goth club on 80s night while wearing the same rubber o-ring bracelets and rhinestone choker that you wore to your prom in 1984.
5. You still don't win the costume contest.

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Give Dubya a fitting memorial [10 Jun 2008|09:11pm]
(from a friend in SF) - There is a movement to put an initiative in the ballot in San Francisco to rename the Oceanside Sewage Treatment Plant after the current president. If you support this idea you can download a petition to sign and send to to San Francisco's government.

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thump-thump [26 Mar 2008|08:11am]
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Things to avoid in Japan, or anywhere else, really [25 Mar 2008|04:46pm]
allartburns and I are going to Japan in May. And while we plan to explore many different things, we must draw the line at ordering a round of Mayogaritas at Tokyo's Mayonnaise Kitchen restaurant.
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Pretentious designer glasses [21 Feb 2008|10:12am]
As if I didn't have enough things to lust over...

Pantone Eyewear
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Frostburn [18 Feb 2008|08:56pm]
...was fun. I didn't go into it with high expectations (because, you know, winter camping w/ an unknown number of unfamiliar people at a campground that hosts both Pennsic *and* the Western PA Fairie Festival = something of a crap shoot, to put it mildly). But it turned out to be a really good time.

My first year at Burningman (1996) there were roughly 9000 people. No roads. No center camp espresso bar. No big organized events, aside from the burn. Mostly it was a week of wandering around talking to people, looking at/playing with art, sharing food + booze, and making sure everyone drank enough water. And that's kind of what this weekend was like, only on an even smaller scale.

A tiny percentage of annoying folks, but for the most part lots of fun, goofy, creative and outgoing people. One lone little kid, but he was pretty darn cute and his big people were relaxed enough to let him run around and explore without being fretted over constantly. Loads of good food everywhere you turned. Beautiful crisp sunny wintry weather. Crackling fires, once the wood dried out. Loud music echoing over the hills. A few blinky lights, a little el-wire, a wooden snowman effigy who burned after much cajoling and dousing of fuels. And blessedly little nudity for a burn (save for the Naked Mr. Rogers Sing-Along Sunday morning. I sang but kept my cardigan firmly buttoned up - unlike the fellow who performed a strip-tease to "Won't You Be My Neighbor?")

It was really pleasant and, I say this without the slightest bit of denigration intended, a cute little affair. Only an hour's drive away and without nearly as much stress of Burningman prep, and yet there were still a few moments where I felt like I was on playa-time and far removed from everyday life. It sounds terribly hippie to say it, but this event had more of a community feel than Burningman has ever really had for me. I had multiple conversations with the same people, rather than the drive-by "ooh i love your costume/art/theme camp" with dozens of strangers. I learned peoples' names. And remembered them the next day. I'm planning a party next month and intend to invite some of these folks. And I'm already making plans for Frostburn 2009.
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Obsessive Party Planning 2.0 [14 Feb 2008|10:12am]
Today is devoted to Frostburn-prep: food shopping, cupcake baking, costume repairing, RV packing, etc. There are roughly 1 zillion (give or take a few grillion) details to tend to in the next 24 hours. So of course, I'm busy making plans for a party next month...

So, here's my question to you local folk (and out-of-towners willing to travel): What are you doing on Easter Sunday (March 23)? I thought it'd be fun to have a big brunch; sort of a "Welcome back Jesus with a mimosa" kind of affair where everyone wears fancy hats and eats freshly made waffles and quaffs lovely pastel beverages. But I don't want to do this if people already have other plans for that day.

Any interest? You'd of course be welcome to bring your family and friends.
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Nothing says "I love you" like a sousaphone [05 Feb 2008|03:38pm]
From craigslist Pittsburgh:

I want to form or find a mini marching band to play for me when my girlfriend accepts my proposal.

Because really, what could make that special moment even more magical than a guy in a tall, furry hat blaring the opening notes of "Feels So Good" on a slightly out-of-tune trumpet?

(Though who knows, maybe the lucky proposee will be treated to something even more memorable.)
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Tappity-tap-tap-tap [29 Jan 2008|05:44pm]
[ mood | happyhappy ]

Hi. Remember me? I pop up from behind my computer every few months, go have a few drinks with friends, then see my shadow and get scared and dive back into my hidey-hole.

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B is for Bunny [11 Jan 2008|11:41am]
[ mood | bunnies! ]

How cute is this? A local animal shelter is having movie night for rabbits and their owners:

B-Y-O-Bunny Movie Night!

"We're holding a night of flicks and fun for bunnies and their people! It's BYOB (bring your own bunny) for a special showing of Night of the Lepus, refreshments, and fun."

Even better, it's a bunny horror flick!
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The Adventures of Raver Elf and CyberDork [07 Jan 2008|07:25pm]
In which I wear the goofy Danish elfin dress to the Warhol Museum holiday party. clicky clickyCollapse )
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If you're that worried, why not just get 'em a real tattoo? [10 Dec 2007|11:44am]
Temporary safety tattoos for children
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Cat furniture that doesn't completely suck [05 Dec 2007|12:16pm]
99% of all cat furniture is hideous. And then there's this:  Toxic Waste Kitty Condo
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wall-mounted catwalks [05 Dec 2007|11:43am]
Nice idea, though the design could be vastly improved with better hardware: katwallk

The safety railings are pretty redonk (of course, I'd get two and make bunk beds - kitten sleepovers!) The kitty diving board action is pretty great.

Also, hairless cats creep me out.
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